Sun Ruoxi (Waist ZeRO)
A well-known lead singer in the metal circle. He studied abroad in Canada. During his study abroad, he began to contact metal music and form bands under the influence of Western culture. The singing method is biased towards the Scandinavian metal genre. With 10 years of extensive performance experience, he is proficient in a variety of different roaring vocals, and has excellent on-site control and interaction capabilities. Now also-Scarlet Horizon, Haze, Eternity Wings lead singer Tanuki Music Performance label manager "Hoaring Academy" teaching lecturer
Scarlet Horizon
The visual department band that gathers well-known and outstanding musicians from mainland China. The members have their own fan groups, which makes the band immediately have a certain number of fans and receive a lot of attention. The band includes metal core, dead core, Djent, Jrock, HipHop and other different styles, and adds the iconic melody of the visual system. The new school has avant-garde elem ents and fusion, and the stage performance is excellent. With a gorgeous and shining light and outstanding strength, Scarlet Horizon showed amazing explosiveness on the stage. The rich experience of the members of the well-known domestic musicians gave them perfect control of the scene. The created scene touched people's traditional definition of visual music.
Wings of eternity
China's new metal leader, known as the representative band in the heyday of Beijing Metal Core. Since its inception, the band has won the support of the industry and the majority of fans with its neat and fierce stage performance, direct metal music form, and a violent scene. In early 2012, Wings of Eternity independently produced the first EP "Battlefield Within" to try out the most wavering dead-core music style of heavy music. After a year of precipitation and experience, the band independently produced and released the second EP "Enlightenment" in 2013. The style of the work has become more mature. In addition to the dissatisfaction and catharsis of the past, the lyrics also pay more attention to reflection and reflection on their own lives. In the same year, the band started the first national tour of the band with brand-new EP and peripheral products. In 2017, the band merged more elem ents and released the single "Occupied", the most sought-after music route. In addition to the powerful scene, it also brings more inner resonance to fans. The third studio work is in production.
Haze-the nether world, dark-the withering of all things. The helplessness and sadness of the world. The struggle and resistance of the cruel fate, the three original pieces blasted the most authentic extreme sounds, the Riff layers of rapid metal advance, the roar and the beautiful melody interspersed among them, leading you into the hazy illusion, published Records include "Haze and Earth", "Earth's Flowers" and "Sunset Moon Mu". The band logo also appeared on the 2012 product of the US ZIPPO company, becoming the first Chinese metal band to spend on the ZIPPO panel.

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