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 The Golden Brownie is like a vintage Marshall JCM 800® in a box. If you want high gain hard rock ’80 tones then this is the pedal for you. The Golden Brownie features an easy to control gain function. It has an unbelievable (over) Drive range and is perfect for head-on heavy grind applications. The Pres (presence) knob adds versatile tweaking ability that transforms any amp into a fire breathing hellhound! The Tone knob is all about the blues and soul. Turned down, it is time to rock and turned up it is time to sing some blues.


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Welcome back to ProGuitarShop and Today, we’re taking a bite out of the Golden Brownie, from Xvive. The Brownie packs all the punch of a Marshall JCM 800 in the smallest box imaginable, for a raging amp distortion that won’t break your back or your bank account. The T1 Golden Brownie was designed by Germany’s Thomas Blug, founder of Bluguitar and acclaimed circuit guru, to approximate the JCM 800 as close as possible. In the spirit of Marshall amps, the Golden Brownie comes equipped with a Drive knob that contains a huge range of gain, just like the amp it’s based upon. The gain range encompasses ‘80s hard rock from start to finish, giving you a mild crunch or nuclear-red tubes with the twist of a knob. Just like its inspiration, the Golden Brownie contains a Presence control which gives the virtual tubes some breathing room and accommodates any other pedals before or after it with ease. Stackability is right up the Golden Brownie’s alley, and can be used just like a real preamp. Try placing drives before the Golden Brownie to push it into saturated breakup, or try putting it at the end of your signal chain to prime the pump before it hits your amplifier. No matter where it sits, the Golden Brownie puts enough English on your rig to liven up your tone no matter what you’re playing with.


Thomas Blug Talk About T1:   


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