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Welcome back to ProGuitarShop and Today, we’re stepping up to the MIKE, from Xvive. MIKE is a pocket-sized acoustic guitar workhorse that uses the magic of Spectral Reassignment to radically transform the sound of your acoustic with the simple turn of a knob. Impulse responses are used to approximate the sound of real acoustic guitars recorded with a high-quality ribbon mic, with nine available in total. Turning the large rotary dial in the center instantly recalls one of MIKE’s pre-set EQ curves that brings out certain sonic flavors from your old acoustic, with everything from virtual dreadnoughts to jumbos, nylon-strung classical and more. The 10th position on the Tone control corresponds to a high-quality neutral buffer, for when your own acoustic tone needs just a little push. The EQ profiles are highly optimized to work with all existing acoustic guitars, so you can ditch your existing EQ device after grabbing the MIKE. Placing the Mike first in your signal chain also eliminates the need for a condenser microphone and putting your tone in the hands of the IR curves eliminates any of the negative byproducts of using a piezo. Mike isn’t just for acoustic instruments either, you can use it to sweeten the tone of any electric guitar or bass without any hassle. The MIKE is small enough to fit in the pouch of a gig bag and features a status led that changes color to indicate clipping.

Acoustic EQ Pedal

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