Acoustic EQ Pedal

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MIKE use IR technology to catch the sound features as the real ribbon microphone. MIKE the gutars from jumbos to concerts to 12 string and nylon classic

The Xvive MIKE pedal is an indispensable tool in your audio toolkit.

Take virtually any acoustic signal and improve the sound instantly

Easy use with just a selection of 9 unusual EQ curves specially engineered to help acoustic guitars sound like they are being miked by a high quality ribbon microphone and preamp. The 10th position is buffer.

Not only does MIKE improve direct outs of acoustics, but it makes electric and bass guitars much more pleasant as well

Mono unbalanced 1/4" Input and Output

Require 9V DC Power Adaptor

Current Draw: 70 mA


MIKE Designer Team

The MIKE pedal was conceived and designed by Steve Turnidge, Based on a design by Ray Heasman. Programming and Engineering by Ray Miller. Studio services were provided by Will Lemater. Source guitar performances by Evan Mapherson of Spyn Reset.


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