The MN3005 is world’s first 4096-stage long delay BBD, 8 times longer than 512-stage BBD manufactured by using P-channel low noise silicon gate process.

Long signal delay time 205ms can be obtained at clock frequency 10KHz.S/N is 75dB. S/N has been improved by more than 20dB in comparting with 8-connected 512-stage BBD’s. The MN3005 is suitably used for reverberation and echo effects in electronic musical instruments such as electronic organ, guitar amplifier and music synthesizer which need long delay time.
The MN3007 is a 1024-stage long delay low noise BBD that provides a signal delay of up to 51.2Msec.

The MN3007 is particularly suitable for use as reverberation effect of electronic musical instrument such as stereo equipment due to its long delay times.
The MN3009 is a 256-stage BBD having a wide dynamic range and low distortion characteristics.

The MN3009 provides a signal delay of up to 12.8msec and is particularly suitable as a device for generation of vibrato and/or chorus effects in electronic musical instruments.
The MN3102 is a universal CMOS LSI to generate a two-phase clock signal of low-output impedance, perfectly suitable to drive BBDs up to 4096 stages, such as V3027, V3028, V3205 etc
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